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Video Monitoring when electrical power is not available

Solar powered surveillance enclosure
If you have remote locations that need to be monitored, and electrical power is not available ... we can provide solar powered surveillance enclosures that will solve your problem. Our enclosures are designed to appear as a generic “Multi-level Birdhouse” that will be unobtrusive and eco-friendly. In fact, it is a functioning birdhouse since several of the “holes” are available for bird nesting. Cameras can peer out other of the holes. This can allow the monitoring of Parks, Nature Preserves, Wildlife Habitats, School Campuses, large recreation areas and industrial site security applications.

Power is provided by the Solar Panels (and battery backup) and the video monitoring/recording is provided by an internal mounted Smartphone(s) that is accessed via Cellular Networks or WiFi (if available). The SentryMDU App is installed on the Smartphone and provides the technology for video monitoring/recording, motion detection, Object Recognition (people, cars, animals, etc) and more. This system can become a valuable tool for monitoring illegal dumping, vandalism, unauthorized activities and general site security. The video can be recorded, monitored in real-time or trigger “Event Notifications” that are sent directly to other SentryMDU enabled devices when detection occurs (such as a Police Department). For installations that have multiple remote monitoring locations (ie a large National Park), the GPS location of each “Birdhouse” may be displayed on a satellite map such that all personnel will know the location of all monitoring stations.

Important Installation Note:
  • Installed site location must receive several hours per day of sunlight

  •   The SentryMDU Birdhouse enclosure uses Solar Panels and a battery backup
      system to charge and power the remote mobile devices. There must be enough
      sunlight available to charge the batteries and maintain the system. The system is
      designed so that some amount of shade during the day is acceptable, however it is
      not recommended to install the birdhouse underneath a shade canopy of trees such
      that it does not receive full sunlight during some portion of the day.

  • Installed site location must be able to transmit/receive data from a Cellular Network

  •   The Sentry MDU App will use cellular networks to transmit and receive data.
      For high resolution video, we suggest 4G-LTE (or 5G when available) to ensure
      adequate internet bandwidth (~2Mbps+). For testing, we suggest you go to the
      proposed installation site and attempt to view a YouTube Video with your smartphone.
      If that is successful, most likely you will have sufficient signal strength to transmit
      video from the SentryMDU App. Do not just look to see if your cellular carrier has
      a certain number of “bars” showing. You may have enough “bars” to connect, but
      not enough to maintain a connection and transmit data. Do the YouTube test.

Situations where the Sentry MDU System can be of value in remote surveillance applications:
  • Parks and Recreation Areas
    The SentryMDU Birdhouse enclosure is BOTH a “real” birdhouse and a platform for remote surveillance. The eco-friendly design integrates well into recreation areas, parks and public venues. It is smartly designed and unobtrusive.

  • Low Maintenance, simple operation
    The enclosure is designed to be relatively maintenance free. The housing never needs painting, will not rot or corrode and should only require battery replacement at 2-3 year intervals (depending on the battery options selected). The interior electronics should require no maintenance and the solar panels are warranted by the manufacturer for 25 years. Other than large hail storms (that damage the solar panels) or some hunter using the birdhouse for target practice, the enclosures should last a long time and be relatively maintenance free.

  • Remote locations that are difficult to get to
    The Sentry MDU System, can make the monitoring of remote locations easier. Installing a Birdhouse Enclosure can allow the continual monitoring of locations that may be many many miles away ... or that may take hours to reach. This can apply to large ranches, wilderness areas, Nature Preserves and State/National Parks.

  • Vacation homes and extended outbuildings
    Vacation homes, lakeside cottages and farm/ranch outbuildings can easily be monitored for unauthorized access. Since the unit provides its own power and is connected via cellular networks, it can be installed most anywhere to get a good view of the area to be secured (addition lenses ... telephoto and wide-angle are available). The SentryMDU App may be configured for Object Recognition (ie people, vehicles, animals, etc.) to provide “alerts” and video pictures each time a violation occurs. In addition, it may be programmed to activate on a specific “schedule”.

  • Temporary placement for storm monitoring
    Use pre-located/pre-installed mounting bases to position Birdhouse enclosures ahead of anticipated storm tracks. From selected vantage points, this can provide Emergency Management with additional video confirmation of storm risk.
The following picture illustrates how “live” video gets transmitted from a solar powered SentryMDU Birdhouse mounted in a remote location (no electrical power available). In addition, it shows that OTHER users on the network also have the ability to view the video (simply by accessing the specific Security Domain with a Username/Password).


The SentryMDU Birdhouse is a large enclosure as shown in the drawing below. It is constructed of industrial grade polymers and stainless steel fasteners. It is weatherproof and designed for outdoor, unattended operation. It will not corrode, never needs painting and should only require periodic annual maintenance. Please see the complete specification sheet in our Documents Section.


Potential Applications for the SentryMDU Solar Enclosure
The Sentry MDU System uses a standard cell phone (smartphone) or Tablet device. The only requirement of the SentryMDU System is that the mobile device uses Android OS Version 5.1+. In practical terms any Android cell phone manufactured within the last few years should work just fine. Obviously, newer cell phones (ie Samsung S10 or HTC U12+) will have higher performance than older devices. You should use the best mobile device your budget allows.

Applications for the SentryMDU Solar Enclosure
  • Municipal Parks and Recreation Areas
  • State and National Parks
  • Sports Complex fields and venues
  • Vacation Homes and Lakeside Cottages
  • Lifeguard stands on beaches or lakeside
  • Boat Marinas or docks
  • Golf Courses
  • Entrance to Gated Communities or Subdivisions
  • Remote hunting leases
  • Nature Preserves to monitor wildlife
  • Farm and Ranch cattle pastures
  • City Zoo and animal habitats
  • Hiking Trails
  • Salvage and Storage Yards
  • School Playgrounds
  • Placed in areas of continuing vandalism
  • School Campus Areas
  • Game Warden, Fish & Wildlife patrol areas
  • Floodwater Monitoring for road closures
  • Monitor remote areas for illegal dumping activities
  • Perimeter security of industrial sites
  • Automobile Storage Lots
  • Oil/Gas Well Lease Properties
  • Real Estate Development and Construction Sites
  • And more ...

Availability of the SentryMDU Solar Enclosure
The Sentry MDU Solar Enclosure is manufactured “to order” and generally takes 4-6 weeks lead time (depending on options). We offer the Solar Enclosure in one standard size (as shown above). This is to accommodate the internal electronics, solar panel size, etc. In a limited sense, we can customize it with a church steeple and other embellishments if requested. Please contact us for a quote.

We offer the SentryMDU Solar Enclosure as follows:
  • Direct sale, one time purchase, you own it.
  • Lease, you provide servicing and maintenance
  • Lease, we provide servicing and maintenance as part of a service contract
  • Customer can provide mobile devices and cellular data plan
  • DLT can provide mobile devices and cellular data plan (part of the Lease payment)

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