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Applications in Emergency Management Functions

Applications of the Sentry MDU System
To improve the overall safety of their citizens most city, county, state and regional governments have established Emergency Management Functions. These organizations have the responsibility to coordinate regional resources (fire, police, rescue, etc.) in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Examples can include Hurricanes, Tornados, Terrorist Attack, Floods, Earthquakes and more. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is generally staffed with representatives of the critical resources that will be needed in times of emergency. As you can imagine, it is important for the EOC Director to know where every team member is at all times in the event a disaster occurs.

By converting an everyday cell phone into a versatile communication, video recording and GPS tracking device, the Sentry MDU System can become a valuable tool for the Emergency Management Function. The GPS location of all Team Members can be monitored in real-time and live video can be transmitted to the EOC for visual assessment of the situation in the event additional resources need to be provided.

Situations where the Sentry MDU System can be of value to Emergency Management:
  • Tracking the location of all EOC Resources
    With a GPS enabled device, the EOC Director will know where all emergency personnel are located. Resources can more easily be redeployed as necessary.

  • Disaster Relief Activities
    Police and Fire departments are often one of the first groups to be called out to assist with disaster relief. Department personnel often use their private vehicles to get to the muster locations. Since the Sentry MDU App is installed on a cell phone, the location of most personnel can be easily determined from those at the Emergency Operations Center.

  • Damage Assessment transmitted via real-time video
    Using the Sentry MDU System, responding emergency personnel can have their devices transmitting “live” video as they go into the disaster area. This visual confirmation of the situation may prove helpful to EOC Members.

  • Using the Sentry MDU System as a Dash Camera
    Although Police Cars often have dash cameras, it is rare for other emergency vehicles to have this capability. The Sentry MDU System can be mounted on ANY vehicle windshield and it immediately becomes a “dash camera”. If desired, live video can be transmitted to the EOC so they can better understand the situation.

  • Deployment of Public Works Employees
    Public Works employees are often used in disaster response activites to move debris or use heavy equipment. The Sentry MDU App can be installed on the cell phones of Public Works employees. As they assist First Responders, they can stream video back to the Emergency Operations Center. This real-time information can often be helpful to the EOC Director.
The following picture illustrates how “live” video gets transmitted from First Responders out in the field back to the Emergency Operations Center. In addition, it shows that OTHER first responders on the network also have the ability to view the video if necessary.


Mounting and/or wearing the cell phone
Since the Sentry MDU System starts with a cell phone it is simply a matter of deciding how a User wants to mount or wear the device. Cell phones come in all sizes. Some will fit easily in a pocket and some will not. Below we offer several suggestions. The one that works best for you will generally come down to personal choice.


Possible ways to mount and wear the cell phone
  • Easiest - Simply slip the phone into the front pocket of your uniform
  • Use one of the many “clip” type phone cases
  • Alter the front pocket of your uniform to accommodate the phone (more hidden solution). Have a tailor cut a hole in the front of the pocket (for camera lense), use a button hole stitch to make it look “finished” and you are ready to go.
  • Design a cloth phone pouch that will attach to the uniform by safety pins. Then you can put it anywhere on the uniform you want. Make sure the phone pouch has a hole in the front for the camera lense to show through.
  • Come up with other options on your own. It is not rocket science. Come up with a good idea, patent it, and make a million bucks.

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