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Applications for the Elderly and Disabled

Applications of the Sentry MDU System
The Sentry MDU System has many benefits for the elderly and disabled community. As a remotely activated communications device, the Sentry MDU System will allow caregivers, family and friends to remotely “check on” loved ones and others under their care.

To illustrate, let us assume you have an elderly parent that lives alone and you worry about them. They live in Florida, USA and you live in Houston, Texas, USA (1000 miles apart). They are also not so good with “technology” (do not use a computer). You cannot always just call them, because they may not have their hearing aid turned on. What to do?

To monitor your parent, you would simply install the Sentry MDU App on a cell phone or tablet (Android), register the device with the Sentry MDU Data Server, and you now have access to remotely view audio/video from the room where the device is located. Typically, a tablet would be used and it would be set up to display family pictures as a slide show similar to the LCD Digital Photo Frames you can find in electronic stores.

For you, this device would be located on a bookshelf somewhere in your parents home, plugged into a charger, and with a view of the room you want to monitor. For your parent, they would see a slide show of pictures and family memories. However, a feature of the Sentry MDU System is that whenever the device is started, the Sentry MDU System is running in the background (regardless of what is displayed on the front screen). For this reason, as the slide show is displayed to your parent, you are able to access the device remotely and turn on the front camera and microphone so you will be able to see and hear what is going on in the room. Whether you check on your elderly parent once a day or several times a day, this capability may provide you with comfort in knowing they are ok.
  • Important Note:
    We understand the sensitivity of monitoring another person without their knowledge and we caution against use that would be unethical or illegal. However, we are introducing the concept here to illustrate that there are situations with the disabled and elderly where the capability of the Sentry MDU System may benefit both the caregiver and those being cared for.
This section will highlight a number of possible applications where the capability of the Sentry MDU System may benefit all concerned.

Situations where the Sentry MDU System can be of value to the Elderly and Disabled:
  • Checking on an Elderly Parent
    For those that have an elderly parent that lives alone, the Sentry MDU System can be a portable, remote activated surveillance system that will allow you to check on them periodically, from anywhere. Simply place an extra cell phone (or tablet) on a bookshelf, plug in the charger and you have the ability to monitor audio/video from the room. If the parents home has existing internet service then you may use the WiFi features of the cell phone and you will not need to have the phone on a cellular data plan. In this case, any used smartphone or tablet will work.

  • Monitoring a person that is bed bound
    For individuals that are bed bound, simply mount a secondary cell phone to a headboard or bed railing via a mounting device. The Sentry MDU System can be activated remotely to check on the person periodically. If desired, the system has advanced motion detection features that may be activated to record audio/video any time the person “moves” about. This has application for small children, the elderly, hospice situations and hospital recovery rooms.

  • Mounting the device on a wheelchair for the disabled
    The Sentry MDU System has application for the wheelchair bound. The GPS features will allow caregivers and other family members to know “where” the disabled person is located at all times. In addition, family members may access the device remotely and communicate with the disabled person by opening an audio/video channel. The disabled are now connected to the outside world via the Sentry MDU System.

  • People with motor skill disabilities
    Individuals with motor skill issues often have challenges with portable devices because they have difficulty manipulating the keyboard and controls. The Sentry MDU System allows “remote” access and control by caregivers and family members. The system has voice, tap and touch command activation for many of the features. In addition, with remote access and control, a remote user can turn on-off features for the disabled person.

  • Assisting the blind and visually impaired
    The visually impaired and blind most often will carry a cell phone with them. With the Sentry MDU App installed on their cell phone, other family members will be able to know exactly where they are (via the GPS feature), and if necessary, assist the person via remote access streaming video as another set of “eyes and ears”. No more getting lost.

  • Assisting those with Alzheimer’s or memory issues
    Those with brain injuries and early stage Alzheimer’s often have difficulty remembering directions or how to get home. A cell phone equipped with the Sentry MDU System will allow other family members and caregivers to monitor the GPS location of the person and assist in directing them back to familiar territory. The ability to pinpoint exactly where they are located is helpful in the event they have wandered off and cannot be found. No more getting lost.

  • Assisting those with diminished mental capacity (Down Syndrome, Brain Injury, Mental Retardation)
    Cell phones are now carried by almost everyone. Individuals with diminished mental capacity may benefit from the Sentry MDU System. Caregivers and family members can now know “where” they are, where they have been going (via GPS tracking history) and what they have been doing (via remote audio/video monitoring). This can provide a sense of comfort to guardians and family members.
The following picture illustrates how “live” video gets transmitted from the disabled/elderly to a concerned family member.


Mounting and/or placing the cell phone or tablet
Since the Sentry MDU System starts with a cell phone (or tablet) it is simply a matter of deciding how a User wants to locate, mount or wear the device. Depending on the desired application there are cases/mounts for almost every situation. You will find waterproof cases, bicycle handlebar mounts (for wheel chairs), vehicle windshield mounts, chest mounts, belt clips, harness clips, suction cup mounts and more. The one that works best for you will generally come down to application and personal choice.

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